What Prison is REALLY Like (Views: 22867)

#14 Life is Highly Segregated (Image 2 of 15)

Prison is a chaotic place full of surprises, most of them being the bad kind. So, prison guards want to limit the amount of confrontation as much as possible by controlling what they can. That means keeping those groups with the highest risk of harassment or violence against them in relative isolation.

Contrary to the popular perception homosexuality does not run rampant in most prisons, in fact it can make one appear as weak and a target. For this reason most prisons have something called the "SNY", or sensitive needs yard. Upon entering jail prisoners are tested for disease and asked of their sexual orientation to determine whether or not they should be sent to the SNY. Prisoners in this part of the jail may also include child molesters and former gang members who are at risk of retribution from their former brothers.

The PHU, or Protective Housing Unit, on the other hand, is reserved for criminals who are notorious for their crimes and may be targets as well. Prisoners such as Charles Manson have qualified for the PHU, and videos were released of his time in prison. Officers try to further keep prisoners together by race, the main way of classifying people within jail, because they tend to stick together anyway.