The 7-Minute Total Workout, No Equipment Required! (Views: 23782)

#19 Jumping Jacks (Image 2 of 20)

Jumping jacks can also be called star jumps or side-straddle hops. To perform a jumping jack, the first step is to stand up straight with your feet together and your arms at your side. Next, bend your knees slightly and follow this with a jump.

While mid-jump, bring your legs out to the side about shoulder width or slightly wider. As you are moving your legs outward, you should raise your arms up over your head. Remember, your arms don’t have to be completely straight, and a small curve is fine. Your feet must land either shoulder-width, or wider, apart and your arms will remain suspended in the air over your head. The final step is to then jump again, this time placing your feet back together and your arms back down by your side. Repeat this as many times as necessary in order to get your heart rate up.